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Job Placement Programs


Our jobs placement programs are categorized into both professional and non-professional. We review your resume to qualify you for any of this stage.

Sometimes you may qualify for professional programs but in most cases you find yourself working as tactical individual just because you could not categorize yourself. It’s not education but the way you have tuned yourself over the years.

SEPI will use their criteria to help you determine as to where to start. We can uplift you through our career programs and training to attain the height you deserved.


The Professional Placement Program assists professionals, managers, and executives in finding or upgrading their employment. The program includes the Career Workshop for professionals, networking opportunities, one-on-one coaching, professional-level job leads, and a place to conduct your job search. SEPI network meetings will help you: Network with other professionals Meet employers and executive recruiters Learn additional job search techniques Practice skills taught in the Career Workshop Stay motivated throughout your job search


We in SEPI we call this “quick wins” program based on certificate training program that can get you a job within certain time limit. We partner with different employers and recruiters in delivery on these responsibilities. The programs are extremely hands-on, with each jobless or low income earners assigned a caseworker to meet with him or her at least once a week. It lasted for a full year until job is secured, the first half of which was devoted to finding the jobs, and the second half to making sure the new employees were adjusting to their work and finding them new positions if not.

We have silently engaged more than 400 individuals for different organizations and we will continue to provide this service as we continue to receive support for you.

We help train, prepare and engage single mothers and fathers with different employees because will believe that the act of been single mother or father is not a poverty.

We work with different government agencies in providing these services. Besides, to forward to us many positions that suites single mothers and fathers, ex-convicts, the veterans and low income earners.

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