Families are central to child safety, permanency, and well-being, and all families need support. For families with limited resources, or those facing additional challenges, the need for assistance is even greater. This may include family support services, which refers to a range of supportive services for families with children, or family preservation services, which are more intensive services intended to preserve families that are at risk of meeting up with the demand of the children. Family support and family services are part of a continuum of services to support and strengthen families that build upon the principles of family-centered practice. Society Empowerment Inc. have services like food for the hungry, home for the homeless, holiday drives, free summer and after school programs, free festival parties to mention but a few. These services have help many families focusing on families’ strengths, engaging families in planning and decision-making, and leveraging community-based services and supports on behalf of families. From the menu, please select any of the family services you may want us provide you.