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Ex-Convicts Affairs Services

The process of leaving prison can be very difficult, especially for ex-offenders and felons that have had to serve lengthy sentences. Reentry programs for ex-offenders can be very helpful for those that need a helping hand once outside prison. We have a comprehensive list of reentry programs for ex-offenders by communities to help those needing it. We work with the prisons by determining the status of the offender and help provide temporary stay while we engage them in activities that will introduce them into the society.

Ex-offender reentry programs are proven to help recidivism rates among all ex-offenders regardless of sex, race or creed. Many ex-offenders have a very hard time on the outside after serving their sentences. Ex-offenders have difficulties finding jobs, adequate housing or even attaining photo identification. These difficulties lead to more problems and often cause the ex-offender to get into trouble again.

The purpose of ex-offender reentry programs are to mitigate these problems to allow the offender to concentrate on adjusting to life on the outside. Many programs offer short term housing, job assistance and often have other spiritual and therapy aspects.

SEPI reentry programs also allow ex-offenders to befriend others that are in their same position. This offers a support system that can be helpful and also promotes a team environment. Some reentry programs are coed while other may only be for male or female ex-offenders. SEPI welcomes men, women and families reentering the community from incarceration, military service, hospitalization, and treatment– people with a strong desire to change the course of their lives. This is a wonderful organization for ex-offenders. Call us and let us know or you can send us email for any enquiry as to how to be part of this program. We partner with other similar programs providers in meeting up with the free services we provide.
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