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Career Counseling



SEPI Career Counselling provides opportunity to gain clarity on career and life goals, and identify strategies to move forward.

So, somewhere along the line you have got off track. And you’re getting a little frustrated.  And maybe losing self-confidence as well as energy. Whatever you do, you still feel SO stuck.

Maybe your days seem busy and full, but when you finally slip under the covers at night, there’s not that warm sense of a job well done.  Instead alongside exhaustion is fidgety feeling.

Everyone has good, constructive ideas to help you move forward, but you can’t seem to gather the energy and motivation to follow their suggestions.

Change has happened that you hadn’t planned for, or hadn’t wanted, and you are struggling to adapt.  You feel overwhelmed with indecision, and pressure to make choices.  You berate yourself for procrastinating and not getting your act together.

Your company is falling apart because of high turnovers, inexperience managers, your brand is no longer protected, risk of the future. As an employer, you care about your outgoing staff, your reputation and your brand.

Are you a veteran, a low income earner, single mother, an employer, an employee, an ex-convict or you may call yourself “nobody” experiencing these challenges. We have all the help you need in archiving and correcting the future, past and the present.

Recognising the challenges of finding times for appointments, we offer a combination of face-to-face, phone and Skype counselling to fit in with your schedules.

Our free Career Counselling services provides;

  1. space for you to reflect, ponder and plan,
  2. help you strengthen your knowledge of yourself – strengths, skills, values as well as potential obstacles and challenges which may be on your path,
  3. value yourself and what you offer, and build up your self-confidence
  4. look at opportunities and what is ‘out there’ that would add satisfaction, purpose and meaning to your life; and to build your courage to step forward, create some change, and build momentum on your journey forward


Together we explore what you need to create a meaningful and satisfying life.

We look at your life journey so far, and notice what impacts and influences your decision making.  Activities that we give you in between sessions help you clarify the values you hold, as well as your unique combination of strengths, skills and experiences.

My skills as a psychotherapist mean that we can also dedicate time to the issues that arise from your personal life experiences that are getting in the way of your focus on and movement toward your preferred future.

Veterans, ex-convicts, less privileged, low income earns, the unemployed and the hopeless individuals and groups have worked with us when:

  • they feel at a crossroads
  • they are returning to the job market
  • they feel burnt-out
  • they have lost their job
  • they don’t feel valued for what they do
  • they are looking for life/work balance
  • they want a greater sense of meaning or purpose in their life

The changing workplace–a by-now familiar litany of economic, demographic, organizational, and social changes–has made ambiguity the only certainty in work life. Many ex-convicts, Veterans, single mothers, homeless and under-privileged, the young ones who got it wrong at the first time, adults had little or no career education, guidance, or counseling when they were “in school” and often seek such help now, making job or career changes spurred by their personal stage of development or by the “postmodern” workplace. Although career development is a continuous lifelong process, “media and some scholars continue to dramatize crisis in midlife”. Crises and transitions can occur at any period, however the career needs of both professional and nonprofessionals of different ages are particularly not being met. SEPI help in providing free counselling, training and placement. Your success is our success and we celebrate when one succeed.

In this era of organizational restructuring and technological change, individuals can no longer plan on spending their entire working lives with one organization. Life no longer follows a linear path: schooling, work, retirement.


Unlike counselors of high school or traditional-age college students, career counselors deal with an extremely heterogeneous population who are at vastly different stages of life. When in high school, we provide service which we tag “CATCH THEM YOUNG” program that will help mode their career at early stage while monitoring and encouraging them to perform in their area of interest. This program commence at the point of entering into high school and about to move into respective colleges or universities. We make sure we follow up with those students who registered with us even when in the universities and give them the experience they require after graduation from college or university. In this case securing jobs may no longer be a challenge as they have all the networks, experiences and qualifications that will project them to their dream jobs. We will not let you go until the point of retirement!!


If you are a single mother, high school graduate still wondering how to start, returning veterans, an ex-convict or any individuals who need help in deciding what is best for them, we already know that your Career issues are complicated by family responsibilities and work and life experiences that color their attitudes, values, and decisions. We know, some may already have made the decision to change, have a great deal of self-knowledge, and need information or assistance in coping with the new context of jobs and study. Others may just want to drifted into their jobs with little planning or guidance, have difficulty making decisions, and lack awareness of their skills, abilities, and interests. Some may be self-directed learners who just need to be pointed in the right direction; others may want to be given the answer to their career conundrum in a structured way. SEPI is the right place to be. We provide these services for free. We will re-package you for the industry you want to find yourself through our partners and service providers for free.

Clearly, we are familiar with adult development and adult learning theories and use varied approaches in helping them achieve their dreams. We guide you in mining your life experiences as a source of career information.


We are aware that because careers are integral to identity in this culture (United States), adult career counseling and management becomes an exploration of personal identity and meaning. These issues are different for men and women, gay or straight, religion and straight; in this culture, “having a career is a consequence of being male in most cases or from a particular religion. We in SEPI will make sure that you are not impacted by these challenges in getting to that dream job or career you deserve. Often, men make other life choices to accommodate career requirements, and job loss can be a blow to their identity. Despite recent social changes, women’s career development remains entangled with family issues, role conflict, sex discrimination, and harassment, we will prepare you at SEPI on how to manage these challenges. We have recognize what is unique about gays, people of color, religion and women’s career development and help them expand options, remembering that individual differ from one another as well as from men. Men’s choices are also constricted by gender role restrictions. We also can help males examine their gender and career socialization and find other ways to validate their identity than traditional narrow definitions.

Racisminworkplace2The rise in the number of dual-career couples has given a new focus to counseling approaches. We know that traditional counseling had an individual focus; now, counseling is incomplete if we fails to take into account the link between work and family life for both men and women. We try to include evaluation of the influences of gender-role beliefs, consideration of the interaction between the partners, and recognition of social policies that still favor the separation of work and family and the gendered division of labor.


As an employer, you care about your outgoing staff, your reputation and your brand.

We understand and that’s why we work closely with you to ensure your organizational needs and goals are not only met, but surpassed.Employer1

We at SEPI can have a unique approach of helping different employers. We will help your outgoing employees ‘Feel Better, Do Better & Get What They Want Faster’. Also to make sure they still maintain the integrity of your company even if rendered redundant or secured another job. Our combined experience of more than 30years of work life and research has pushed us so far beyond generalized & cookie-cutter career transition and outplacement programs.

Our focus on reducing stress and improving productivity and clarity reduces your risk, as an employer, so that your reputation and brand are preserved.

Our expert coaching team are hand-picked and leaders in their respective areas of excellence. Unlike other career service providers, we are a nonprofit firm and can adeptly work with you within any budget donated to our organization to provide a high level of excellence and service that you will never regret.

Want to know more about us? we welcome your feedback

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